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Visitors from Negros Occidental

On Thursday 12th April, delegates from the province of Negros Occidental in the Philippines visited NTSDE to explore a possible mutually beneficial education partnership. The delegates who visited were:

  • Hon Alfredo Maranon III - Mayor of Sagay City
  • Dr Fe Maranon - Wife of Mayor of Sagay City
  • Mr Juan Antonio Villaluz - Director, Southland College
  • Ms Villa Tupas - Principal, Sagay National High School
  • Dr Maria Cristina Orbecido - Administrator, NOLITC
  • Attorney Ryan I Bonghanoy - Department Head, Liaison Officer International Education
  • Maria Charry J Chiu - Executive Assistant Coordinator of Engagement.

The delegates took a tour of the building to see our facilities and to view a live IDL lesson in action. We then met in the GLA room where a number of presentations took place:


  • Deanna Ther, eLearning Instructional Designer, showed the delegates some examples of our Moodle courses. The delegates were then given a computer so they could have a go at using a Moodle course as a student. They even got to participate in a Moodle quiz.


  • Anthony Chan, IT Manager, explained how our weekly lessons in IDL work. Bev Wilson, Student Coordinator and a number of students then had a live lesson with the delegates. The students introduced themselves and explained where they lived and showed photos of their home locations. Everyone had the chance to ask questions of each other. Thank you to students Cameron Dunbar, Sandra Jestin, Sarah Leicht, Hunter Torr and Shannai Wade for taking the time to participate in the lesson.

The Mayor of Sagay City, the Honourable Alfredo Maranon III, was then presented with a piece of artwork which featured a crocodile. We also gave all of the delegates a bag of goodies which included the Outpost yearbook, an NTSDE mug, some TimTams and a USB of a video of their time at NTSDE.

The final part of the tour included a lunch in the multipurpose room. Thank you to the delegates from Negros Occidental for visiting NTSDE.

You can also watch the video that was presented to the delegates: