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Term 4 - Week 9 - 2017
6 December 2017

Dates to Remember

  • Year 10 and Stage 1 Reports Sent
    Wednesday 13 December
  • Last Day of School
    Thursday 14 December
  • School Holidays
    Friday 15 December - Thursday 25 January 2018
  • NTSDE Closed
    Monday 25 December - Friday 5 January 2018
  • Teacher's Resume
    Thursday 25 January 2018
  • Student's Resume
    Monday 29 January 2018

eNewsletter Contents


Principal's Message

Marcia Harvey

Welcome to our last newsletter for 2017. It seems hard to believe that we are now in the second last week of the school year and that student courses for 2017 are drawing to a close. It has been a busy and productive year for most students. Our Year 12 students are finished and awaiting their results release which is scheduled to occur on Tuesday 19th December. Students in Year 10 and 11 will shortly receive their final results and reports.

On Friday the 24th November we celebrated the 21 Year 12 students who have completed their studies with NTSDE at our annual Graduation evening. The students and their families all looked wonderful. It was also wonderful to have the Minister for Education, The Honourable Eva Lawler MLA, present the graduation certificates to the students. A sincere congratulations to all students on reaching this important education milestone. You can read more about the evening and access some of the great photos that were taken on the night further on in this edition of the newsletter.

This edition of the newsletter also recognises the tremendous dedication to Northern Territory Education that some of our teachers have shown over many years. The Department of Education has acknowledged all staff who have been teaching in NT schools for longer than 10 years. Fittingly, long time NTSDE teacher Andrew Geraghty was recognised for his 41 years of service at a special NT Government ceremony in Alice Springs. A special celebratory morning tea will be held this Friday where those staff who are listed further on the newsletter will receive their certificates.

It’s great to see some more student achievements in this week’s newsletter. Sandra Jestin was recognised for her achievements as the best NTSDE Year 11 Chemistry student and also came third in Scientific Inquiry Student Directed – Year 10 – 12 category for the whole of the NT. A wonderful achievement Sandra! Tiwi College Stage 2 Creative Arts students have also been producing some outstanding fabric decoration and dying pieces as part of their course. Well done!

A big thank you to all of the staff at NTSDE for their wonderful work over the course of 2017. The school is lucky to have such dedicated and committed people who continuously work to ensure that the students who study with us receive the best possible education.  

Finally I would like to wish all students, staff and families a wonderful Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2018. For those travelling over the holiday period please do so with care and for those leaving us please keep in touch. We love to hear about what students do post their schooling with us here at NTSDE.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ms Marcia Harvey

NTSDE Graduation

The 2017 NTSDE Graduation evening was held in the Grand Ballroom at SkyCity on Friday 24th of November. Storms threatened but then cleared which allowed many guests to have photos taken on the lawns before entering the ballroom which looked amazing. The colour theme for the evening was black and red.

The guests totalled 110 and included 15 of the 23 NTSDE students graduating for 2017.

List of graduating students:

  • Miriam Ellen-Barwell - NTSDE - Darwin
  • Micah Laco - NTSDE - Darwin
  • John Lynch - NTSDE - Darwin
  • Ben McGuinness - NTSDE - Darwin
  • Samantha Rowley - NTSDE - Darwin
  • Maverick Torr - NTSDE - Yulara
  • Travis Kennell - Alyangula Area School
  • Cale Mitchell - Jabiru Area School
  • Kallum Christophersen - Jabiru Area School
  • Alisha Barrumiwuy - Shepherdson College
  • Cyril Dhambutjawa - Shepherdson College
  • Bronwyn Dipulpuy - Shepherdson College
  • Shania Puruntatameri - Tiwi College
  • Britney Alimankinni - Xavier Catholic College
  • Segora Babui - Xavier Catholic College
  • Lateesha Coombes - Xavier Catholic College
  • Kathleen Cunningham - Xavier Catholic College
  • May Kantilla - Xavier Catholic College
  • Larissa Kantilla - Xavier Catholic College
  • Rachel Kantilla - Xavier Catholic College
  • Georgina Portaminni - Xavier Catholic College
  • Henry Daiyi - Woolaning Homeland Christian College
  • Jessica Silver - Woolaning Homeland Christian College

Tiani Cook, Chairperson of the NTSDE School Council, attended the evening along with other VIP guests which included: The Honourable Eva Lawler - Minister for Education, Marion Guppy - Deputy Chief Executive School Education, Bryan Hughes - Regional Director Palmerston and Rural Region, Mr Chris Pollard - Director Catholic Education and Associate Professor Dr Simon Moss - Charles Darwin University.

Also in the audience were many Principals and staff of the NTSDE community and area partner schools along with the NTSDE Principal, Marcia Harvey and NTSDE staff.

Shania Puruntatameri from Tiwi College along with Alisha Barrumiwuy from Shepherdson College presented their student addresses with an accompanying PowerPoint that highlighted their educational journey and future aspirations. Travis Kennell gave the NTSDE student address which was warmly received by the audience as he publicly thanked his mum for all her efforts over the years to get him to where he is today.   
It was a wonderful evening. Congratulations again to all the students and thank you to all the guests who contributed with their enthusiastic and heart felt responses to the evening.

For further photos of the night please click on this link: https://www.ntsde.nt.edu.au/news/2017-graduation

Co Hosts
Dave Armstrong and Bev Wilson

40 Years of Service

Congratulations to Andrew Geraghty for over 40 years of exemplary teaching with the NT Public Sector. Andrew commenced teaching at Darwin High School in 1975, just after Cyclone Tracy, living on the ship 'The Patris', the only available accommodation post the cyclone. He taught there from 1976 (at 21 years old!) to 1984. In 1985 he became the Tech Studies Senior for the brand-new Sanderson High School. In 1999 he began working at the NT Open Education Centre which is now the NT School of Distance Education.

Service Milestones

Other staff recognised by the Northern Territory Government for their years of service to the NT Public Sector in 2017 include:

Mr Rob Weatherald - 36 years
Mr Brendan Brannelly - 36 years
Ms Josie Roberts - 32 years
Ms Jane Hemsley - 29 years
Mr George Tumino - 28 years
Mr Steve Robinson - 25 years
Ms Louise Becker - 24 years
Ms Jo Barta Swan - 22 years
Ms Chris Cox - 21 years
Ms Winsome Jobling - 20 years
Mrs Rose Maker - 19 years
Mr Dave Armstrong - 19 years
Ms Jenny Godden - 18 years

Ms Jenny Hagan - 17 years
Ms Marcia Harvey - 17 years
Mr John Bennett - 16 years
Ms Brenda Polley - 16 years
Ms Leanne Goldsworthy - 16 years
Mrs Sarbai Kundu - 15 years
Mr Anthony Chan - 15 years
Mr Bala Naidoo - 14 years
Ms Janet Smith - 13 years
Mrs Bev Wilson - 11 years
Mr Tony House - 11 years
Ms Hannah Michaelis - 11 years

NTSDE School Shirt

The Student Representative Council (SRC) have been active in their work and one of their key achievements has been the design of new NTSDE Student Shirt.  It has been wonderful to see the students collaborate on the colours and overall design. The new shirts pictured here will be available for the start of the 2018 school year.

Cyber Smart

Cyber Safety Month is an important time to refresh on the importance of being Cyber Smart. Please refer to the fact sheet and cyber security videos​ which include tips on how you can be Cyber Smart at school and home.

Cyber Safety is everyone's business, and something that everyone needs to be mindful of and continue to maintain an updated knowledge, particularly given the evolutionary world of technology we live in.

2017 Science Awards

Young Scientists Awards Sandra with award

The Science Teachers Association runs a competition each year with a range of different awards presented to students. This year the presentation evening was held on the 23rd November at Charles Darwin University. Congratulations to Sandra Jestin who won third prize for the Scientific Inquiry Student Directed - Year 10-12 Individual.

Royal Australian Chemistry Institute Awards

The Royal Australian Chemistry Institute awards were also presented on the same night. Congratulations to Sandra Jestin who received the Best Year 11 Chemistry Student award!

Stage 2 Creative Arts

Three students from Tiwi College successfully completed Stage 2 Creative Arts this year. The girls focused on fabric decoration and dying for their external assessment and screen printing for their final creative arts product.

Rina Moreen
Message Stick is a design that represents a tradition of communication in old days on the Tiwi islands. Wooded carved sticks were passed onto community elders to let them know of ceremonies and news. My design doesn't have a story, but is made with traditional Tiwi patterns.

Tiwi Net - I created this design so that it can be repeated on a fabric design, or as a single print. The patterns and lines in Tiwi Net tells the story of the fishing and ocean environment on the Tiwi Islands. Waves and currents are represented by lines and cross hatching lines are the nets ready to catch fish and crabs.

Julianna Kerinaiua – Clap Sticks
My screen print design has been inspired by my Tiwi culture and the traditional geometric shapes, lines and patterns that you see in our art. I have called my design "Clap Sticks" because of the repetition of shapes and an implied interpretation of the musical rhythm that they make when played.


Stage 1 Physics

During the Residential School in Semester 2 I had the opportunity to work with a lightbox to see how different shapes and lenses affected light when travelling through a medium. I used different lenses, like concave and convex, and also various glass/acrylic blocks.

The images were created on a table in the science store room because it was the only dark space available. Each light ray/pattern presented below have all changed their direction (converge or diverge) either due to the material’s thickness, density or shape. It was really fascinating to work with this equipment, because every time the lenses or the acrylic box changed more varieties of the light patterns appeared.

Sandra Jestin
Stage 1

Stage 2 / Year 12 SACE Results

At the end of the year Stage 2 (Year 12) students will need to login to Students Online to access their results.

Students are encouraged to login into Students Online to ensure that their login details and personal details are correct. Please ensure that the postal address is listed correctly as this is where the hardcopy results will be posted to.

Please see the attachment for login details.
Click here to view attachment

If you have any questions please contact:

COGSO Newsletter

The latest edition of the NT Council of Government School Organisation (COGSO) is now available.

Click here to access Issue 3 - COGSO Newsletter 2017

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